Links Exchange : FAQ

Hello, this is the place for those who would like to exchange links with our website directories. In order to send request to be listed in our directories you will need to fill out the form. Before to fill out the form you will need to accomplish several things:

1) You need to know your site category. The site category must be taken from DMOZ site.

In order to find your site category you have to go to site DMOZ and find there the most appropriate category for your site.

For example the most appropriate category for site will be

The easist way to find your site category is by using search on Dmoz site. Type into Dmoz search box the main keywords for your web site then press search button, after that DMOZ will show you the categories where your keywords was found. In this list most likely you will be able to find your site category.


Please spend some time to find most relevant category for your site. If you will put on form wrong category our stuff will refuse to exchange links with your site.

2) You will need to link back one of our website directory. Our top level directory is But also we have smaller directories for different topics.

You will need to find the most appropriate our websites for link exchange. You can to do that in here: Internet Directoies.

Others things you will need to fill out on form are pretty simple.

After you will submit form for Link Exchange our Editors will consider your site for inclusion. If you have decent website and you have specified the CORRECT CATEGORY then your site will be added into our directories.In any case you will get email with final result.

Good Luck !!!